How to Get a Straight Hairstyle like Celebrities

Over the course of time, different hairstyles have prevailed in our societies and just as once perms were a big hit, today, straight hair is dominant. More celebrities prefer straight hair as opposed to curls. People with curly hair spend a considerable amount of time and money to keep it looking straight. If you are born with naturally straight hair then with a little care you can achieve a perfect look, however, if you have curls then getting a straight hair look will require some hard work.

Things Required:

– Hair comb
– Hair brush
– Blow
– Dryer
– Towel
– Shampoo
– Hair product


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    The first step is to iron the hair, it is recommended that you shampoo your hair and then use a conditioner before ironing. Make sure that the iron is not too hot as it will burn the hair.

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    If you don't plan on using an iron on your hair then you should purchase a straightening product such as shampoos and conditioners which are specially formulated to relax your curls. Scout the nearest market for these products and use the one which has the ingredients that suit you the best.

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    You now need to leave the conditioner in your hair for some time after shampooing. Later you need to rinse the conditioner and then dry the hair with the help of a towel. Be sure to remove any excess moisture remaining on your scalp.

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    Now apply a heat protecting serum on the hair which will protect your hair when you use a blow drier and will also add shine to the hair. It is advised that you use a comb to evenly apply the serum.

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    Before using the hairdryer, you need to section the hair into parts which will make it easier for you to manage them while using the hairdryer. Now work your way from the back to front and do not move to the next section until that portion is smooth. Always remember to dry your hair from the bottom to the tip. Keep brushing the portion with a hair brush or a comb.

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    Once you are done and feel that the hair is dry, then apply a styling product with the help of your hands which will hold your hair in place. Try to set it in such a way that it highlights your straight hair look.

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