How to Cut Your Own Hair

You are really in a need of an urgent haircut and you do not have enough money to pay for it or you do not want to visit the saloon. You feel that your hairs only need trimming and it is waste of money to pay for it then you should know how you can do all this at home. You can master the art of home cutting by practicing it for some times. It is definitely very challenging task and you can ruin your hair style if you don’t do it with extra care. In the following guide I will teach you how you can easily cut your own hair at home.


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    Shampoo your hair dry them and then put some conditioner on them. Do not rinse the conditioner. Place a mirror in front and on your back side so that you can see both sides of your head during cutting. Now comb your hair and then gather your hair in such a way that they cover your face from all sides.

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    Start cutting your hairs around the face and trim the hair fringes holding them in two fingers for a leveled cutting. Once you are done with fringes, now starting from there proceed towards front side of your ear, repeat this for other ear.

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    Once you are done with the front portion of your ear. Start trimming from back side of one of your ear until back viewing angle becomes hard. Repeat the same step on the back side of your ear.

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    Now face the front mirror so that you can see back side of your head. Now start trimming back side of your head taking small portion of hair every time. Take extra care while cutting your hair when facing the mirror. Match both back sides of your head and then connect them.

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    Now pull out small portion of hair from all over the head to see if they are even or not, if they do not seem, trim them with the help of your two fingers and scissors.

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