Simple Updos for Medium Length Hair

As often is the case, you may not be in the mood for a time consuming hair style. Fortunately, there are several simple updos you can use if you have medium length hair. These updos are great for the workplace, since they make you look stylish yet elegant. Furthermore, while you can manage long hair the same way, medium hair are ideal for simple updos. Most of these styles require you to either braid your hair, or use pins to make buns.


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    Messy Bun

    The first step requires you to brush your hair back to your scalp and pull a high ponytail. You have to tie the bun with elastic.  You will need to wrap it around several times so that it won’t come loose.

    Now to give some style to your bun, randomly insert bobby pins in it. To enhance its visual appeal, pull a few pieces of hair and then secure them around the base of the bun. This will make the bun appear larger. You now need to pull some strands from the front and use them to frame your face.

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    For this hairstyle you need to comb your hair and then from the centre part it downwards. Now tease a section of your hair grabbed from the centre of the head, just around the back with a comb.

    Although not necessary but you should tease the hair brushing them downwards. Brush by starting from the roots and then work your way to the tips. Now you have to make a ponytail with the teased hair. In order for the ponytail to resemble a beehive, you need to push it slightly forward.  Keep teasing the hair until a distinctive beehive is visible. Next you have to pin up the ponytail.

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    Twisted Side Braid

    You need to begin by parting your hair to one side using a brush. Now grab two sections of your hair and twist them together. With every twist add a few more hair to the strands. You need to keep twisting the hair until you have reached the crown of your head. By now your strands will be much bigger due to the addition of more hair. Stop only after you reach the hair behind your ear. You will use this hair as a section for your braid. Twist the braid into a braided bun. Now secure this bun with elastic.

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