How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Hair are one of the greatest gifts from nature. They make us look good and provide us with the extra bit of ‘X’ factor to our personality. If we have healthy hair, they not only do you look good but it provides us with the opportunity to experiment with them.

If you are one who likes to have long locks or prefer trying the new Hollywood styles adopted by the actors, you can do so if you take good care of your hair. You can even help them grow faster if you move in the right direction.


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    Have Adequate Protein

    Protein is the building block of our body and it should be ensured that it is consumed in adequate amount every day. This will not only be good for our hair but for our health in general. Eggs, fish, lean meat and pulses are rich in protein and are good sources.

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    Take Vitamins B and C

    These are essential for our body and having them in the right amount will also have a great effect on our hair. Vitamin C helps in producing collagen, which is an important fibre in the production of hair. Vitamin C is also useful in digesting other important elements for hair. Pepper, guava and pineapple are good sources of Vitamin C.

    Vitamin B is important for keeping your hair healthy. If you hair are not in good health, not only will they not be growing fast but also will be shedding and thinning. The two vitamins will complement each other quite well.

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    Iron and Zinc

    Iron and Zinc are both great for the body and should be consumed in the prescribed amounts. Iron is important for helping transmission of oxygen to the cells and helps in building stronger hair. You can get iron from lean meat poultry products as well as beans.

    Zinc helps in repairing the body and make new tissue. It can be had from lean meat, grains and peanuts as well as some seafood.

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    Fats are also good for hair as they have some essential vitamins in them. Make sure that you take a suggested amount of good fats and avoid products that are rich in saturated fats. Having a reasonable amount will help your hair.

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