How To Choose the Right Hair Highlights

Applying highlights in your hair can make you look different from others, while adding thickness and beauty to your hair. Highlights also help in bringing out the overall skin tone of women. Highlighting means that you apply or add some fake hair with lighter colours, compared to those of your natural hair.

All types of colours cannot look good with specific hair. Therefore, it is really important to choose the right coloured highlights when you plan to add beauty to your hair. If you make the right choice, you will definitely be able to enhance your overall look.


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    Choose the colour of the highlights that complements your natural hair colour. If you have dark hair, then you should not go for lighter highlights. For instance, you have dark black hair and you apply a light coloured highlight that was designed for light blond hair, it may look weird on you.

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    You should also consider your skin undertones, when it comes to choosing the perfect highlights for your hair. For instance, golden, straw, or caramel shades will look best to women with warm skin tones. In contrast, ash or beige hues will look best on women with red, blue, or pink skin tones, which come under the cool skin tone category.

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    If you want to give your hair a dramatic look, then you should use chunkier and larger section of highlights to be weaved with your natural hair. On the other hand, if you plan to have a subtle look, you can weave thin highlights.

    Also, the contrast between your real hair and highlights will play a key role in intensifying the effect of the application. If the highlights are very close to the colour of your natural hair, then they will not give as intense effect as it will give when applied a bit lighter highlights to the dark hair.

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    You can also consult a professional for that purpose, as they can easily determine your skin tone, along with the highlights that may suit you. Moreover, they will also tell you the best way you can opt for applying the highlights on your hair. In addition to that, a professional can also dye your natural hair to make them go best with the highlights you plan to apply on your hair.

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