How to Use Almond Oil for Hair Growth

With all the exposure to heat, dust, chemicals and other elements, our hair need extra care to grow and remain healthy. Herbs and oils have been used since existence to nourish, moisturize and condition hair. Almond oil is one of the most used essential oils for hair treatment. It not only reduces hair fall but also spurs growth. Our dependence on commercial products that make use of artificial chemicals with huge promises leaves us with dead hair with little growth. Almond oil is a natural product with no synthetic ingredients. It is extracted from almonds and used for skin moisturizing and repair. It does the same work as olive oil does with our hair. Let us see how to use olive oil to boost hair growth.

Things you need:

– Almond oil
– Vanilla extract or vanilla essential oil
– Small glass bottle
– Comb
– Shower cap


  • 1

    Take the small bottle and pour in 1 tablespoon of almond oil into it. Now add in 1/4th tablespoon vanilla extract. The amount of almond oil depends on the length and volume of your hair. Longer and thick hair demand more to be fully covered. Just add a quarter of whatever volume of almond oil you use. Give the small bottle a good shake with the lid on to mix the oil with the extract. The fragrance is used to give your hair a soft smell.

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    Oil works best on slightly wet hair because the pores are open and the scalp is clean. Wet your hair and dry them a bit with towel to take the excess water out. Now dip your fingers into the bottle or pour out the oil into your palm and start applying it your hair. Massage he oil deeply into your scalp. The massage is the most important part because this is when your skin absorbs the oil. Cover all your hair and massage the entire length. You can also use a comb to spread the oil to all parts of your hair.

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    Put on your shower cap and let your skin absorb the oil for half an hour. After this time, wash with a good quality shampoo and warm water. Wash off the oil completely from your hair. Make it a weekly routine to see healthy growing hair.

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