Braiding Cornrows on Yourself Made Easy

Braiding cornrows yourself is not too difficult, provided you have patience and can understand the technique. If you have any experience with braiding, you can do cornrows pretty easily. The major difference here is that cornrows stick close to the scalp and follow a design.

If you’re ready, go through this guide and follow the steps below to braid cornrows on yourself. However, don’t be disappointed if the first time doesn’t turn up how you expect it to. Just keep on practicing!


  • 1

    Choose a design

    Before you start you will need to decide on a design for your cornrows. There are several different ways to braid them, and you can draw a sketch for your reference or use a photograph.

    Cornrows design
  • 2

    Wet your hair

    Now you need to wet your hair (not wash it) and comb through it to remove any tangles and knots. It is important that your hair is moist but not completely wet. Moist hair is comparatively easier to braid and won't stretch your scalp.

    Wet Hair
  • 3

    Make sections

    With the help of hair clips you now need to create sections in your hair in order to braid them. The clips will keep the rest of the hair out of your way as you work on one section.


    Sectioning hair
  • 4

    Start braiding

    Hold the desired section of hair in two fingers, further separating it to create a center section and holding onto it with the rest of your fingers.

    Now hold the left side section with your left hand and move the middle section under the right side section (held in the right hand).

    Now the right side section will be in the center, and you will move it under the left side section. Repeat this as you move down the length of the complete section but don't go all the way. Stop when you have two sets of knots. 

  • 5

    Tie knots close to scalp

    Once you have two or so knots on the braid you need to take hair closer to the scalp and braiding it along with the section you started braiding in the step above. The point is to include all hair that naturally falls under a braid into the braid itself.

  • 6

    Continue till braiding is complete

    Once a section is complete, start on another section the same way and keep on braiding more sections till you go over the whole of your head.

    By the end your braids should be sticking close to the scalp.

    Braided hair
  • 7

    General Tips for Braiding Cornrows

    -You should ideally have two mirrors, one in the front and one at the back to help you note your progress as you braid.
    -Once your cornrows are complete, be careful going out in the sun because your scalp will be exposed. Either use a sunscreen (which can be difficult) or wear a hat when under direct sunlight.
    -While cornrows give you convenience when it comes to styling, they need proper washing at least once a week, depending on your lifestyle.

    Girls braiding

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