How to Do Wilma Flintstone’s Hair

If you grew up watching “The Flintstones”, then you must be a fan without a doubt, and what better way to show your loyalty to this classic cartoon than by dressing up like the main characters this Halloween. You might be surprised by just how easy it is to create your own Flintstones look. For the Wilma look all you need is the appropriate costume and an accurate hairdo to make heads turn when you enter the party. Keep reading and you will be looking like Wilma in no time.


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    First pick a hair dye which matches Wilma's red hair and use it to color your own hair. Dyes come with instructions, follow them properly and color your hair thoroughly.

  • 2

    Once you are done coloring your hair, grab a fine-tooth hair comb and comb your hair to make it straight and remove any tangles that may exist.

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    Once you are convinced that the hair are properly groomed and the tangles have been removed, you now need to draw them back, making a bun with the help of a bun clip. However, it is recommended that you leave about six inches of hair which you will curl later.

  • 4

    Now you need a curling iron to curl your hair. Curl the strands that are in the front into a roll.

  • 5

    Curls aren't going to be enough though. You will also need bobby pins to hold the hair in place. Insert the pins into the hair to hold them on either side of the head.

  • 6

    This hair style is particularly difficult to retain, so you will require a lot of styling gel to keep it in place. After placing the bobby pins, you should apply styling gel on your hair for a strong hold. However, keep the gel away from the bun.

  • 7

    After the hairstyle is done, you can grab your favourite hair spray and apply it on the hair.

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