Simple Updo Hairstyle for Bridesmaids

Up do hairstyles are popular choices for bridesmaids at weddings because they are easy to manage, keep hair away from your face and exude elegance. If you are going to be a bridesmaid for an upcoming wedding, the spotlight will be on you too, along with the bride, so your hair outfit and hairstyle deserve attention and time.

However, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Here we will show you to make an updo hairstyle for the big day.

Things Required:

– Bobby Pins
– Elastic hair bands
– Comb
– Hair spray


  • 1

    Comb and tie your hair

    Assuming that you have already washed and conditioned your hair, you need to start by combing them all back and tying them into a high pony tail using an elastic hair band.

    Pony Tail
  • 2

    Make two sections

    Now divide your pony tail into two equal sections, holding them separately as shown in the picture. Make sure the two sections are of equal length and thickness.


    Sub Divide in Two
  • 3

    Start twisting the sections

    Once you have two equal sections, start twisting them around each other evenly. Avoid very tight or closely packed twists and go for a uniform distance between every twist.

    Turn the Sub Divided Hair
  • 4

    Twist till the very end

    You need to keep twisting the two sections around each other till you reach the very end of your hair. Now keep holding the end firmly, making sure the twists don't loosen up.

    Pull a Strand from the End
  • 5

    Tie the end with a hair band

    Now take another hair band and secure the end of your twisted sections to prevent them from unwinding as you style them further.

    Pull the Ret of Hair Upwards
  • 6

    Wind the twisted length

    Having secured the twisted section, you need to start winding it around itself (you can use two fingers to form the center) till a bun is created which touches the base of your hair at the back of your head.

    You can adjust the height and angle of the bun to your liking before proceeding further.

    Make a Bun of the Pulled Strand
  • 7

    Secure bun with bobby pin

    After finalizing the position of your bun, secure it using a bobby pin. The pin needs to go through the center of the bun and into the base of your hair for a firm fit.

    Take a Pin
  • 8

    Alternate style

    Alternatively, you can divide your pony tail (as shown in step 2) into four equal sections and then work on two different twists to create a larger bun with more strands.

    In the end, use the hair spray on your bun to hold the style and you are all done.

    Secure it with Pins

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