How to Really Fight Static Hair

Static Hair is a problem that some people have to encounter specially during the winter season. It can get really annoying if you’ve to go out or get ready for a party, as your hair just won’t settle down. There are several remedies that you can use to counter this issue without much problem, leaving you carefree for the entire season.


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    The first thing that you should consider changing for fighting against static hair is your wardrobe. The clothes you wear tend to have a major impact upon your hair. Whether it maybe some hood or any other jacket that ends up in absorbing the moisture, you need to get rid of that. Switch to cotton and wool clothes to get rid of the static factor. Your current wardrobe may be responsible for causing static hair if worn around the head. Therefore it’s best to avoid them if you’re determined to get rid of your static hair, especially during the winter season.

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    Get familiar with your hair type. Apart from the external factors, your hair might be suffering due to some nutrient deficiency due to which they end up in static condition. If you don’t pay much attention to your hair, then it’s about time that you should. Keep your hair well-moisturized so that they don’t end up being static.

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    Buy yourself a humidifier for keeping inside your house. This would help in keeping the air moistened, causing to prevent your hair from getting static. The hair swell due to lack of moisture in the environment, and the humidifier is the ultimate solution for static hair problem indoors.

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    Take special consideration when buying hair-related products. Use Water-based products while buying gels, waxes and pomades. Try to refrain from the petroleum-based products as they tend to leave the hair dry.

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    Blow-drying or using a curling iron can also be turn out to be one of the major causes of static hair. Try to avoid doing either of the fore mentioned practices if you’re having constant problem of static hair. In case you’ve no other choice but to do that, apply thermal protective products on your dampen hair before you blow them dry.

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    Use a hair conditioner after you’ve shampooed your hair. This helps in retaining the smooth and silky look of your hair even in winter.

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