Edgy Hairstyles for Girls

Feminine look of women always demand long hairs as it also attracts the opposite sex more than the short hairs that’s why women fear to cut their hair short. However, now the time has changed the trends, funky, short, edgy hairstyles are in fashion for not only working ladies but also for teens. It is true that short hairstyles work on some women who can carry short hair properly. It is all about the personality a woman has. Hairstyles should complement the whole look of a woman instead of making her look odd. It’s good to get haircuts from time to time to change the way you look, good trendy haircuts make you popular among your peer group. Short, trendy, edgy haircuts look charming and classy. Especially for the teens, looking good is the top priority and haircuts are the simplest way to stand out and get all the attention you would want. All the long hair girls should take chances with the haircuts and those with the short hairs go for the change.


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    One of the great hairstyles for women of all ages is Posh spice or Victoria Beckham’s blonde asymmetrical bob. It is not only edgy, trendy but also very feminine. Women having heart, oval or diamond shaped faces should definitely give this cut a try. Girls with round faces should avoid this haircut as it makes the face look wider.

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    Pixie cut is for women of small delicate features. As it is super short it can only flatter some women. For the girls who have curly or wavy hair, it can make them look more feminine with a trendy up-to-date hairstyle.

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    Mid length bob cut is good for many women as it is of medium length and frames the face which makes women look more confident, trendy yet feminine. Women with round, oval or heart shaped faces should go for this cut while girls of oblong face shape should not give it a try as hairstyles should make your face look more attractive while not ruin your look.

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    For oval face shape girls, risks can be taken with the haircuts. The top and sides are grown in for versatility with style while the haircut is short at the nap. This cut looks more like pixie and brings attention to the eyes of the girl having it.

    image courtesy:  images.totalbeauty.com

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    Another funky looking edgy hairstyle is created by chopping layers of the hair. This is commonly named as Chopped layered hairstyle. This style highlights the structure of your tresses and gives you a more daring look.

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    Longs bangs at the front with a very short cut at the back are nowadays very fashionable. It is the most stylish cut, very famous among the emo fans who love to play with the cut with multi toned colours making it more interesting and trendy.

    Image Courtesy: static.becomegorgeous.com

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