How to Style Your Hair like Frankie Sandford

The winner of the 2011 Glamour Woman of the Year Awards, English pop and R&B singer-songwriter, Frankie Sandford, who won in the categories of Inspiration and Best Dressed in these awards, is a fashion icon for many young girls and arguably the most talented pop diva from England at the moment. While the 24-year-old is blessed with beautiful hair, her short hairdo has become her signature style and is a big hit all over the world. Being a celebrity, she has to maintain a perfect look at all times, for which she has a team which works to get her ready before an event. However, the hairdo is not particularly complicated, and with a little time and effort, you can craft a similar hairstyle in the comfort of your home, with the help of some hair products and an appropriate haircut.


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    The first thing you need for this hairstyle is a short haircut; you cannot own this style with long hair, so start by getting a haircut. Now, you need to give your hair some strength; for that, spray them with a heat protection spray before you heat your hair for a strong hold. Work your way throughout your scalp, while you direct the heat away from your face.

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    Now, as the hair begins to dry, you need to style it in either the left or right direction; for that, it is advised that you use a brush and your fingers. You should use the brush on shorter hair while the fingers will work great on long hair. Massage the longer side with your thumb and fingers as it dries, to add volume.

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    You now need to grab your favourite volumising hair product, and apply it to your hair. Be sure to smooth it through all your hair as this hairstyle demands that your hair look thick, which can be achieved with the help of a volumising product. This product will help give your hair height as well.

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    You can now apply a hair gel or a hairspray to the tips of your stands, to define them and hold them in place.

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