How to Use a Banana Clip on Natural Hair

Banana clip, resembling a shape of banana, has transformed itself quickly in sizes, colours and the material it is made of, to effectively accommodate the need of styling hair of different thickness and styles. It is as effective for twisted and curly hair as it is for long and thick hair. The art of using a banana clip is to pick a right clip that suits thickness of your hair. Clipping your hair with a banana clip is not time consuming either. You can quickly style your hair with a clip to give it a casual and beautiful style.


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    Styling of Hair

    First step for you is to decide how you want to style your hair. Do you prefer a simple classic bun or French pleat. Banana clip itself is an accessory and you will have to style you hair first. This can help you to clip the hair properly and without affecting the fundamental hair style.

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    Securing Hair

    Banana clip is more to add to the styling of the hair and cannot effectively hold it for a long time. The daily wear tear can loosen your hair. So first secure your hair bun or pleat with bobby pins, or if you have given your hair a style of ponytail then use a ponytail holder to secure your hair before clipping. This will secure your hair for a longer run, even if the banana clip is loosened.

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    Select Banana Clip

    Banana clip comes in different shapes, sizes and materials. For example, you can choose a plastic clip or steel clip. Selection of the clip also depends on the style of your hair. If your hair is twisted, curly and thick, a plastic clip might not do, but if your hair is smooth, long and thin, a plastic clip, which is more elegant, can be the best choice.

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    Clipping of Hair

    After you have selected the clip that suits your hair style, hold it in either right or left hand from its handle. Press the handle and it will open the clip at claw and show its teeth. Insert the teeth or open the claw into your hair, whatever style you have created. Once it is inside the hair deep, leave the claw softly and it will join teeth into each other. Make sure you do not press the handle too hard, as it might damage the clip and if you are using a plastic one, it might break up. If you feel your hair is loose or the clip does not fit in its position, try it again.

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