How to Cut Layered Hairstyles for Men

Layered hairstyle is an ideal style for men with long hair, but is also preferred by those men who have a normal length hair. This style has been adapted by many celebrities and stars which made this look more trendy and fashionable. Layered hairstyle is long from the top and short form the bottom. Besides that the length of the layers depends upon you or the length of your hair. There are few steps which should be followed in order to acquire a layered hairstyle. Few men wish to have them in a shaggy look while few like them in a tight style. Things you will need to have a layered hairstyle are mentioned below:

Spray water bottle


  • 1

    The first thing is to make sure your hairs are clean and shampooed.

  • 2

    Spray water on your hair with the help of a water bottle and comb your hair which will make it easy for you to figure out what is the length of your hair.

  • 3

    From the top of your head with a comb gather a moderate amount of your hair as shown in the picture.

  • 4

    Now with the help of an electrical trimmer trim the hair to make the length of the hair equal.

  • 5

    After completing the cut from the above portion f the head, in the same manner gather the hair from the sides of the head and from the back side as well and trim them properly.

  • 6

    For layered hairstyle you just have to keep in mind the length that you are trimming the length equally.

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