How to Use Timers for Hair Permanents

For perming hair, you have to be more careful while applying chemicals. If you increase or decrease the time of any step, it will cause harm to your scalp and hair. You have to be precise until the process ends, and you get your hair in perfect shape. When you buy a hair perming kit, you also get a timer with it, which shows how much importance have been given to exact time while having permanent waves.


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    It depends a lot on the hair texture, its condition and density for examining how much it will take to get permanent. If your hair is short it will take less time to end the process, while with long hair time will increase.

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    Wear gloves, and then apply solution on your hair with brush or use your hand. When you end applying it, start the timer. It is a common timer that we all have at our places, it is nothing different. Remember the time when you started saturating hair, so that you can understand how much time it took to exactly perm your hair.

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    Keep on checking the area from where you started applying the solution, so that it will not get too much time to process, and may have a wrong or opposite effect. When the hair gets saturated, straighten and smooth your hair with comb. Tighten your hair completely on rods, make sure to use same sized rods.

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    Once it ended, get your squeezing bottle filled with clear water and start rinsing your hair. Completely rinse the permanent solution, this will help in diluting the solution and save hair from get damaged.

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    When timer stops, check all the hair and go ahead for the process of neutralizing. Neutralizing also needs a precise time limit, as you have to warm your hair by providing it heat. Cover your head with plastic cap so that heat will not dry all the solution of your hair. If you need tight curls warm your hair more, and if you need big curls, warm your hair less.

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    After few minutes, to check out how much you have done with the process, take a thin strand and open a fragment from the rod. Do not be careless while unwinding it, as hair is fragile at that moment. When the process ends, the hair looks like ā€˜Sā€™ shaped. Take out all the rods and enjoy your perms.

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