Get a Choppy Layered Hairstyle to Make You Look Younger

While sleek, neatly trimmed hairdos are considered highly fashionable, choppy hairstyles are also a popular alternative if you are looking for a more layered and slightly rebellious look.

Excellent for giving hair more volume and texture, choppy hairstyles can be adapted to suit nearly all lengths and face types. They also make for countless versatile looks – you can work everything from chic to punk with a choppy hairstyle. The best part is that they are astonishingly easy to maintain.

Whether you are cutting a client’s hair or giving someone a haircut at home, a choppy hairstyle shouldn’t be too difficult to create – provided you use the correct tools and follow the right steps.

Things required:

– Haircutting scissors
– Spray bottle (filled with water)
– Small-tooth comb
– Hair cutting cape
– Apron


  • 1

    Wet the hair

    Start with wetting the hair using a spray bottle. It is essential for the hair you are cutting to be freshly washed and shampooed – dirty hair is impossible to cut right.

    Wet Hair
  • 2

    Remove Tangles

    Comb through the hair to get rid of tangles and once the hair is smooth, proceed to part it neatly using the comb.

    Brushing Short Hair
  • 3

    Cut hair to desired length

    If you are cutting hair for a client, ask about the basic length they want. Once this is determined, start cutting until all of the hair is at the desired length (usually medium length or shorter for a bob). Choppy hair styles work best with short or long bobs – anything below the shoulder will not be suitable for a choppy hairstyle.

    hair cut
  • 4

    Create Layers

    Once all of the hair is at the same level, start adding layers to it. The side the part is on should ideally be cut short, while the other side should be left a little long so it can be swept across the brow and thus function as side bangs.

    Create layers
  • 5

    Mix it up

    Layers can be added to either the entire hair style, or to certain select portions. Separate the portions you want to layer, hold them away from the head and grip the ends between two fingers. Hold them up and proceed to snip away the hair protruding from between your fingers – do this at an angle, for a truly choppy look.

    Woman cutting hair
  • 6

    Finishing touches

    After you have added all the layers you want, snip off little bits of random ends at an angle – this will make for an edgier, choppier look. Once you are done creating the choppy hairstyle, blow dry the hair and set it as per the desired style.

    Choppy haircut
  • 7

    General Tips for Choppy Hairstyles

    -Don't use a razor to create choppy layers because it will lead to split ends.
    -Don't use gels and styling products everyday for your choppy hair. Try to simply blow dry them into style.
    -If you want to maintain your choppy layers you will need frequent haircuts.

    Images courtesy: gettyimages

    Choppy Hairstyle

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