How to do Wavy Hairstyles with Long Hair

If you blessed with long and healthy hair then you can make a perfect wavy hairstyle at home within a few minutes. However, women with medium hair can apply wavy hair extensions to increase the length of their hair to make different hairstyles.You really do not require any kind of extra or expensive hair styling products for this unique hairstyle and can make it with a simple hair spray, blow dryer and few bobby pins. The wavier your hair, the more interesting and eye-catching this hairstyle will be. A wavy hairstyle can be styled with ease on long hair and the result would be absolutely perfect for all kinds of events.

Things Required:

Bobby pins or Barbie pins
Elastic hair bands
Hair bands
Hair sticks
Brush your hair


  • 1

    Brush your hair

    Brush your hair to remove all tangles and divide them into two sections from the side.

  • 2

    One-side wavy twist hairstyle

    Take the medium section of your hair from the front of your head, and twist it several times before moving it to the side of your head. Now fix it with a a small hair catcher or a few hairpins.

  • 3

    Hair band wavy Hairstyle

    You can make wavy hairstyles with a headband. Pull all your hair back and apply a hair band. Set a side partition to create a nice look.

  • 4

    Wavy braid hairstyle

    Grab the front section of hair on either the right or left side of your head and divide it into three equal sections, before making three-braids. Once you make the braids, take it to the back of your head, and fix with barbie  or bobby pins.

  • 5

    One-side wavy ponytail

    Another great style is the loose side ponytail. Bring all your hair to the right side and secure them with an elastic hair band. Take a small section of hair under the ponytail, roll it around your elastic hair band, and insert it into your pony to give your hairstyle a natural look.

  • 6

    High wavy ponytail hairstyle

    You can make a high ponytail with your wavy hair. Grab all your hair from the nape of your neck and bring them to either the middle, or the top of your head. Set your side hair with a hairbrush or your hand and secure them with a large elastic air band.

  • 7

    Wavy bun hairstyle

    Sweep all your hair to the crown of your head and twist them tightly.

    Now, make a nice high bun for a formal look and fix it with either an elastic hair band or a hair stick. You can also insert a fresh or artificial flower into your bun to give your hairstyle a casual look.

  • 8

    Two-side wavy twist hairstyles

    Make two sections of hair right above the arch of your eyes and roll them towards the back of your head before securing them with a medium hair clip or some bobby pins.