How to Get Long and Thick Hair

Women have always been fascinated by good hair. They envy others who have thick long hair and dream of having the same. Our hair are pretty responsive creatures who grow according to the treatment we give them.  No matter what your hair problem is; be it excess/lack of natural oil, split ends, hair fall or weak strands, it is possible to cure them all and get hair that are long as well as thick. There are very simple and common hair treatments that bring huge improvements. Follow our step by step guide for beautiful, healthy and long hair. Every woman deserves to have a crown of wonderful hair.


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    Your hair are part of your body and their growth directly depends on the nutrition that you take. Go light on oily food which leave your scalp grimy. Add greens to your plate. Food like Spinach have sebum producing vitamins A and C. These vitamins condition your hair naturally. Eat white meat like fish and chicken with a regular intake of eggs.

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    Its all in your brush:

    When you brush, the blood supply to your scalp increases and stimulates hair growth. Use a brush that is made of natural bristles and not metallic ones which can damage your scalp. Natural bristles help reduce splits and hair breaking off. Use a wide toothed comb to get rid of tangles and locks as they hamper hair growth.

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    Treat your hair with olive oil or canola oil at least once a week. Heat oil in a pan or in the micro wave and massage well into scalp with your hands so that it gets absorbed. Wash before six hours. The massage stimulates blood flow in your scalp and makes hair longer. A tip is to wet a towel in hot water. Wring out excess water and wrap it around your oiled hair for half an hour. Oiling your hair leads to longer hair and lesser hair fall.

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    Check for split ends:

    Split ends do not let your hair grow long. Once a split develops, your hair divides into two much weaker ones. Go for a trimming to get rid of these. However, preventing splits is much better than trimming because trimming reduces your hair length. Oil regularly to avoid hair splits.

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    Wash regularly:

    Washing your hair regularly gets rid of dirt, grime and sweat deposits which block the pores. Washing with a shampoo also helps reduce excessive oils found in the scalp. Wash your hair when ever you feel heavy and grimy. However, wash in mild warm water and not in hot water which can burn your scalp.


    Condition after every wash. This restores the silky texture of your hair and repairs any damage. Condition the ends more. Dry hair need a lot of conditioning and less shampoo than oily hair.

    Use good quality products:

    Whether it is your oil, shampoo or conditioner, use products that are renowned brands and you are sure of their quality. Your hair deserve the best. Try getting a shampoo that is Sulphate free

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    Hair supplements available in the market help in making your hair stronger and longer. Buy supplements that contain Biotin and use it along with the home remedies that we have suggested.

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    No to chemicals and yes to natural treatment:

    Avoid chemicals like those in hair dyes and colors. Apply an egg or yogurt into your hair at least once a month and massage well. Wash after an hour with mild warm water. The egg makes your hair roots stronger while the yogurt adds shine and silkiness. Avoid using hot straighteners and curlers.

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    Get a haircut:

    Ask your hair stylist for a hair cut that adds layer to your hair without reducing the length. The layers will add volume to tour hair and they will appear thicker.

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    Blow dry:

    Do not blow dry your hair more than twice a week. Even if you do, keep it a fair distance from your hair so that the heat does not kill your hair cells and leaves them dry.

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    Water temperature:

    Use warm water to wash you hair. In any case do not use hot water as it will damage your hair cells.

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    Hair are sensitive:

    Do not comb wet hair because the roots holding them are weak when wet. Do not squeeze wet hair nor wring them to dry out the water. Avoid tight ponies and buns that pull out at your hair.

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