Medium Length Emo Hairstyles for Girls

Among trendy and stylish hairstyles emo hairstyle is a very unique and distinctive style which is very common among young girls and boys. As we know our hairstyle and our wear helps in expressing our feelings, in the same manner this sort of hairstyle is also use to express the emo feelings. Punk and emo hairstyles are quite similar and the same things are required in both like dyes, highlights rough and messy look. Girls who have medium length hair have choice to style their hair in different manners, especially short because there are various emo hairstyles for short length which possess great amount of layers with swept bangs.


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    The first very trendy and a fashion which was not only popular few years back, but it is very prominent among youngsters in the present era as well, is the modern mullet haircut. This sort of hairstyle is very unique, because the hair at the front portion is small while the hair at the back is long. Like all emo hairstyles this haircut also possesses layers and swept bangs. To make the look funkier you can use a bold color and get yourself highlights and dyes.

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    If you have good volume of hair then the fringe bob is an ideal emo hairstyle. This style contains heavy front or side bangs, but mostly the swept ones, depending upon your face shape. In this haircut you can also get your hair dyed or get highlights depending upon your choice.

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    Another eminent haircut to attain an emo hairstyle is the razor cut. This is one hairstyle which a person can get at home, you do not need to visit your hairstylist. The razor cut portrays a dramatic look, for which you just have to fray the ends of your hair, but be careful with the razor.

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