French Braiding Your Own Hair on the Side

On a hot day, one of the best ways to keep your hair out of your face is to French braid them on the side. Doing your hair in a French braid on the side might sound like a complicated task but this is a misconception. If you are focused enough, you should not have any problems doing right. Before you attempt to French braid you hair, just make sure they are properly clean and free from tangles.

Things Required:

– Water
– Mousse or gel
– Elastic band


  • 1

    Lightly moisten your hair with water and part them to the right side of your head. The best way to prevent hair from flying away and keeping them intact, consider applying a small quantity of mousse or gel. Use only a small quantity because loading your hair with these hair styling products will make your hair inappropriate for braiding.

  • 2

    Start French braiding your hair by taking about two-inch hair chunk from the right side of the hairline.

  • 3

    In order to start making a French braid, you will need to divide the group of hair from the previous step into three equal strands. Be sure to keep the three strands separated from each other using your fingers. You now need to make a normal braid. For this, take the rightmost strand of the three strands and cross it over the hair strand falling in the middle. Do the same with the leftmost strand of the three hair strands.

  • 4

    Continue in this manner; adding more hair with each crossover. This can be accomplished by gathering a small group of hair from the hairline, adding it to the hair strand at the right and then crossing it over the hair strand falling in the middle. Tighten the hair strands by pulling them but be sure to keep them separated from each other. Do the same for the leftmost strand; taking hair from the side part (away from the hairline).

  • 5

    Continue until you are about an inch away from the right neckline. When you reach this point, start braiding horizontally along the left side of your neckline.

  • 6

    Be sure to have French braided your hair by the time you reach the bottom part of your left ear. When you are done incorporating all the hair, traditionally braid them and use an elastic band to secure them in place.

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