How to Condition Your Hair Herbally

A considerable number of people nowadays use herbal hair conditioning products, since they are chemical free. There are a number of herbal conditioners brands available in the market; however, you can consider the one that can suit your choice or hair treatment requirement. For example, a herbal conditioner containing rosemary in it is likened by a majority of users of herbal conditioners. Rosemary is believed to be an effective treatment for scalp and itchy conditions. Also, it helps stimulate hair growth by strengthening it at its roots.


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    Carrier Oil

    Select a carrier oil that you want to use to dilute the essential oils. You can take Castor or any other oil that works effectively in diluting the essential oil or oils and is easy to apply when a paste is created with the mixture of essential oils. Put it in a bottle or a bowl. Also, you may warm the carrier oil to an extent.

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    Rosemary Oil

    Take a quantity of rosemary oil, the essential oil, and put into the bottle which contains your carrier oil. Conceal the bottle with its cap and then shake it for a while, until the essential oil is blended completely. Make sure the oil is blended before applying as otherwise it will not work through the roots of the hair, effectively. Also, take as much quantity of rosemary oil as required for your hair, meaning you are able to condition your all hair thoroughly.

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    Application of Mixture

    Apply the paste or mixture of the carrier and essential oils on your hair. It is better to start from its roots and work through to top. Do not apply more than the needed amount as additional oil will run through to your face and neck area. Also, make sure you apply the mixture on a damp hair. It is difficult, otherwise, for the mixture to get through to the roots.

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    Washing Hair

    After thoroughly applying mixture of carrier and essential oils, leave your hair wrapped in a towel for about 50 minutes. This will help the mixture to absorb in your hair, from roots to the top, gradually and thoroughly. After that, you can wash and rinse your hair with cool water. You will feel your hair shinning, smooth and straight down, giving you an excellent look. Do not pull your hair roughly while rinsing it, as it can break your hair.

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