How to Find a Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

There are total six shapes of faces which are round, square, oval, heart, rectangular and triangular. Each shape has its own specifications and beauty, you just have to know the right technique to enhance the cuts and the shape. Hair being an essential part of your body has the tendency to make your face structure and cuts prominent in a better way. Having an expensive haircut is not an extraordinary effort, but having a haircut according to you face shape is what matters the most. If you have the exact knowledge of what sort of hair style will suit you then it will be quite easy for you to explain the hairstylist what exactly is your requirement.


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    Round Shape

    Likewise other shapes, round face shapes also has its distinctive beauty. Women who posses round faces should ask their hair stylist to cover their chin and ears with sleek layers and bangs. If the side of the face is covered with hair, it will definitely give a smart look. Avoid curly and volume based haircuts it will help in emphasizing your face in a wide manner which is not require. Whether you want to have short hair or long keep the layers below the chin.

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    Oval Face

    Oval shape is considered to be the ideal shape in faces, because this type of face can carry any sort of hair style whether it is long or short, layers or bangs. The only thing which oval shaped women should keep in mind is to avoid covering their face with hair, because you do not want your beauty cuts to be hidden behind your hair.

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    Square Face

    People get confused in square and round shape faces, but there is a huge difference in both structures. For square shape try having a hair cut which gives length to your face and the most ideal hair cut for such shape is the crown style. Crown style helps in adding vertical length in your face structure. Likewise round shape, for square shape you have to cover the area of cheeks and ears with layers that are below your cheeks. Ask your hairstylist to give you such a haircut which helps in giving a round and long appearance.

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    Heart Shape

    Women with a wide face from the upper side and thin from the lower side have heart shaped face structure. For such shapes the stylist should cover the upper portion of face with bangs and layers and avoid adding volume at the lower portion, which is the chin.

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    Rectangular Shape

    Women with a long shape form the forehead till the cheeks have a rectangular shape face. Such structure can look beautiful if you have soft bangs till the cheeks. Short bangs will make your face wide and give a beautiful look. Try adding volume to your hair because women with rectangular face needs volume or else their long face will not be able to portray an extravagant look.

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    Triangular Shape

    Triangular shape can be identified if the upper portion of the face is narrow and the lower portion which is the chin is thin. Women with such shapes should have layers to cover the mid part of your face and ask your stylist to give a wide crown hair cut.

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