How to Get Rid of Greasy Hair

Some people are of the view that keeping hairs bit oily or greasy make it easy for you to manage and style them properly.  However, if you get to have strands clumping together it makes hair styling more of a hard nut to crack. At the same time, your hairs tend to absorb more dust that can possibly make look rather untidy by decreasing your good look. Usually the greasy hairs result from overproduction of a wax like substance in your body called sebum that actually acts as waterproof for you hairs. Besides, excessive perspiration of the scalp also add more to the greasy hairs as it transfers grease from the tip of your hairs to the root. If you are having the same situation there are a few helpful ways for you to get rid of greasy hairs.


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    Avoid Washing Hairs Daily

    You may possibly think that washing your hairs on daily basis can help you get rid of the grease eventually. However, it is advised not to do so because washing makes the natural oil re-gather in your hairs instead of eliminating grease. On the other hand, it may also go on to damage your hairs, giving them a very dull look.

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    Apply Food Odor Power or Simple Baby Powder

    applying food odor powder or simple baby powder may prove to be quite surprising but really works particularly in a situation when you want to get rid of the greasy hairs in quick time. However, this needs to be done properly. You simply sprinkle a very little amount of powder on your hair and spread it with your hands or a round brush. Make sure that the powder is applied throughout the hairs and you sprinkle only little amount at a time. It is good to apply the powder on the top and on the sides.

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