How To Create Beaded Chopsticks for Hair

If you are stylish then you obviously know how to be trendy. It doesn’t take much to carry a fancy style as you just need to be innovative.

You might love Chinese food, but despise the use of chopsticks as it requires considerable practice before you stop dropping your food. However, once you master the art, it is no longer a hassle for you, and you can use chopsticks to eat sushi every weekend from thereon.

However, till the time you seriously learn to manoeuvre those chopsticks, using them on your hair is another great idea. You can find teenagers these days using chopsticks to fix their hair.


  • 1

    First you need sandpaper to carefully sand the chopsticks in order to make them smooth. You need to leave the top rounded and the skinny end a tad pointed. It will be easier to wrap beads around the rounded part, and it will be easier to slide the chopsticks into the hair through the pointed end.

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    After your chopsticks have been properly sanded, it is time to colour them just to add some style. You need to let the paint dry now.

  • 3

    Next step involves the addition of seed beads. You can reach your desired bead string length in this step.

  • 4

    With the beads in place, use Plaid Mod Podge to coat the top part of the chopsticks. This will hold your beads in place, acting like glue.

  • 5

    With the Mod Podge in place, you have to wrap your bead string around the top part of the chopsticks. Remember to wrap as tightly as possible. It should be close to the previous row.  After reaching the top, run the remaining thread through a beading needle.

  • 6

    Now in order to cover the bare part of the chopsticks you have to add Mod Podge to the portion which is not covered by beads and dip it into a dish of seed beads.

  • 7

    Leave it for a while to let the Mod Podge dry. Then coat chopsticks with varnish. Remember to use high gloss varnish as it will give your chopsticks a plastic look. The gloss also helps in sliding between the hair, making it easier for you to add or remove your chopsticks from your hair.

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