How to Care for a Toupee

Thinning hair and baldness is one of the very common issues now days. Don’t be ashamed of it as it is something natural and we have to survive with this condition in any case. A hair transplant is available in almost every part of the world, but if you find it expensive or not suitable, then a toupee is the best substitute that you can consider. These finely designed hair replacement pieces are trendy and  unnoticeable when appropriately fitted to the affected potion of your scalp. However, it is really important to care for a Toupee on a regular basis in order to maintain its proper shape and condition.

Things Required:

– Toupee
– Shampoo and conditioner – made for wigs
– Solvent – depending on hair system
– Dish washing liquid
– Comb
– Mannequin head


  • 1

    Remove your Toupee

    First of all carefully peel the Toupee from your scalp. The procedure involved in it will be different for everyone, depending on the method that one used to wear it. Anyhow, the most standard technique to fix a Toupee is by means of hair tape and polyurethane. Therefore, smoothly rub the rim (edge) of the Toupee in order to start the process of peeling it off. In case if you are having any difficulty, use some adhesive remover to take away the sticky tape. However, make sure not to peel the tape on the lace areas of your toupee as it can critically smash up the entire unit.

  • 2

    Soak your Toupee

    Once you remove the toupee, soak it into the recommended solution in order to do away with any residue left over from the tape. At the time of purchasing the Toupee, you would have gotten a manufacturer’s instruction for which solvent to use in order to wash it.  Follow it properly.

  • 3

    Remove Remaining Residue

    Now take out the soaked Toupee from the solution and place it in your bathroom’s sink. Let the solution drain well and then use a wide tooth comb to remove the remaining residue, if any. Make sure to comb it very gently and in the right direction. You can also use your finger tips for this purpose.

  • 4

    Rinse your Toupee

    Rinse your toupee with clean water or position it under the tap water for a few minutes until no more soap is left.

  • 5

    Apply Shampoo and Condition

    It is the time to apply shampoo and conditioner. Make sure that both of the products are according to the kind of your toupee or according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Once you apply the shampoo and conditioner, use your finger tips to massage it gently in circular motion for few minutes.

  • 6

    Rinse Again

    Rinse your toupee again to remove all the shampoo or conditioner remaining. Carry on rinsing until the toupee is clean and no longer has soap in it.

  • 7

    Let it Dry

    Now allow your toupee to dry by hanging it with the help of a hanger clip or placing on a mannequin. Wait until the toupee’s hair is dry completely.

  • 8

    Comb it

    Finally, it is the time to comb your toupee in order to bring it back to the previous style or to style the way you like. Wear it and rock!

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