How to Use Raw African Black Soap

African black soap, a handmade soap, originated in Africa and excessively been used in the region. The black soap varies from region to region and has different names associated with it. Usually, it is used to get relieved from oily skin and acne. In addition to that, it also helps in relieving from inflammatory conditions like eczema. Generally, the African women use it for general bathing and face masking purposes.

One might think that the colour of the soap will be black. In fact, the real colour of the soap is dark brown. In the meantime, it can also vary from place to place where it is made. Local people add some secret ingredients to change the texture of the soap. Yet, the overall tone of the soap remains the same.

Due to its popularity among the women, the African Black Soap has now penetrated in different parts of the world. Some European and American companies have also started manufacturing the black soap. Yet, only the African made soap can be said as authentic one.


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    If you plan to wash your face with the African black soap, cut a small piece of it from the main bar. The piece should be around 1 inch in square. The size of a soda bottle cap is a good example of the size of the soap you will need to cut off. In case you are planning to wash your whole body, then use the size of your thumb.

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    Splash your face with warm water and put on exfoliating gloves before continuing the process. Place the piece of soap under the running warm water. Knead it well to form leather and then saturate your gloves. Now rub your face gently. Make sure you rub in circular motion, as it will help in covering all parts of your face.

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    Rinse your face and dry it by patting a clean towel on your face. Your will clearly see a difference in your skin. For best results, make a routine of using the soap on regular basis.

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    If you plan to wash your body, you can repeat the same process by using a bath sponge. Get wet and place the soap under running water. Create leather and saturate the sponge.

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    Now apply the sponge gently on your body parts thoroughly. After you are done, wash your body with the warm water. Get dry by patting a clean towel on your body.

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