How to Heal Razor Bumps

Razor bumps are caused by close skin shaving that causes some strand hair to curl inward and start growing inward. They are known as ‘ingrown hair’ and remain inside the surface of the skin, so you cannot simply remove them by shaving. However, these bumps make shaving painful and uncomfortable and also affect the outlook of your skin. The skin appears scabbed and raised and the skin patch gets sensitive. There are many domestic and medicinal ways to heal these bumps and get relief. Our step by step guide has some of the most effective ones for you.


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    Take a shave break:

    The best and most natural way to let these bumps heal is to take a break from shaving. This may appear and really is  a difficult task. However, where health is concerned, you might have to bend in a little because shaving over the bumps can injure the skin and also cause infections. In the period that you are not shaving, you can use other hair removal techniques like waxing. if the bumps are localized at one part of the face, you can avoid that part during shave and pluck that sensitive part instead of shave.

    Even when shaving is unavoidable, avoid the affected area and take your time carefully shaving. Do not shave too close to the skin because this is what creates ingrown hair in the first place.

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    Cold compress:

    A cold compress provides instant relief from the discomfort on the bump area and also soothes down the skin for appearance sake. You can simply apply an ice pack over the area and can also wash your face with icy cold water.

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    Medicinal options:

    There are some soothing lotions that help cure the bumps. One of them is the famous aloe vera gel which is known for its anti inflammatory and soothing properties. It also guards from any infections. Another option is to use a lotion that contains glycolic acid which reduces shaving irritations.

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    Open up pores:

    Opening up the hair pores helps heal quickly and also reduces any infections that may result from clogged pores. Take long warm showers and use a mild exfoliant on the face to open up the pres. A steam bath can do wonders at this job.

    While the pores are open, try using tweezers to pull out the ingrown hair from the holes. This will heal the problem the problem instantly if you manage the task.

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