How to Care For a Kanekalon Wig

Kanekalon commonly known as Japanese synthetic silk is the most used synthetic fiber for making hair extensions. The Kanekalon wigs are one of the most wanted wig materials by women folks. There are certain reasons for it. The Kanekalon wigs are easier to use, have countless varieties and above all they appear as natural hair when worn. However, since the wig hair is a natural hair, it needs special care and protection. For example, frequent washing of a wig hair can damage it competely.


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    Do Not Wash Wig Hair Frequently

    You should not wash Kanekalon hair as frequently as you do your natural hair, because excessive use of shampoo or any other washing material, which normally are made of chemicals, can damage your hair completely. Try to preserve the natural colour and shine of your wig hair. It is better you protect it from dust and other stuff by keeping it in a safe place soon after use.

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    Use Purpose Made Products

    You should use only products to wash your wig or even to moisture, which are recommended or made for the purpose. Do not use shampoo or any other product that is made of chemicals. You can read and follow instructions by the manufacturer, which you must have received along with the wig at the time you purchased it.

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    Avoid Frequent Use of Recommended Products

    Do not wash your wig even with recommended products frequently. You do not need to wash it as much as you need to do your natural hair. Frequent washing will gradually fade colour of your wig and it also loses shines. In addition, frequently washing will require frequent combing and styling of your wig and that can be detrimental to its shine.

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    Get Your Wig Styled Professionally

    Do not try to style your wig on your own but try to get it done professionally by a hair stylist. Since they are experienced and handle wig hair frequently they know how to style them without breaking the hair.

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    Style With Your Fingers

    Try to avoid use of hair brush, and instead style your wig hair with your hand fingers. Frequent use of brush can also damage the hair.

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    Store Wig in Proper Holder

    After use of your wig hair, you should store it in proper holder. Generally, a mannequin head is recommended for storing your wig. It is better if you use it and if not try to use a similar holder to keep your wig. This will better protect your kanekalon wig hair.

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