How to Improve Personal Hygiene

Have you ever experienced the company of a person, who smells foul, but due to certain obligations, all you could do is to absorb your disgust for him/her?

If yes, then you probably would have a fair idea of how important personal hygiene is in our social interactions. This is something which you just cannot compromise on if you want to live a healthy and socially active life. Maintaining a good hygiene is paramount in nurturing a good personality and character, and the best part is that you don’t need to do much for that. All it requires is a bit of commitment for your own good, and approximately 30 minutes of your whole day.


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    Shower twice a day

    This is the easiest way to stay clean. Make a habit of showering after getting out of bed, and ensure that you take a good bath after returning from work. Showers not only clean a person, but also have a relaxing and soothing effect on the body, removing all the stresses.

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    Maintain Oral cleanliness

    Staying clean is all about feeling good and confident, and you cannot do so if your teeth are dirty or your mouth smells foul. Make a habit of brushing your teeth at least twice a day, and use a mouth wash to flush away all the bacteria which dwell in your gums.

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    Wash your clothes regularly

    If there is anything which reflects a person’s personality most appropriately, they are the clothes he/she wears. While the type of clothes a person wears is important in gauging the personality, their cleanliness is as significant, if not more. Make sure to wear clean and well presses clothes, and make a habit of washing your undergarments and linen regularly.

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    Use a good deodorant

    A good fragrance enhances your personality. Try to invest in two to three different types of colognes and make sure to buy the genuine ones which last longer.

  • 5

    Keep the face clean

    Face is the first part of your body which anyone looks at, and a pleasant one will help you to cast a good first impression. Make sure that you wash and cleanse your face at least thrice a day. Also apply good quality creams, moisturizing or cold creams, so that there are no crevices apparent.

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