How to Prevent White Hair Discoloration

Everyone desires to always look beautiful and young. Aging factor plays its part upon your overall personality and white hair deteriorate your young look significantly. Many people suffer from white hair at an early age and appear to look older than they really are. Like you take good care of your skin to look graceful in old age, you better also take care of your white hair and prevent their discolouration. Pollutants in the air, water and other environmental factors might result in turning your white hair yellowish. Follow some simple steps to avoid white hair discolouration without spending too much money.


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    White hair discolouration might be caused by smoke or any other build up of pigments within your hair. You can use a hair care product, such as ‘No Deposit Shampoo’ to remove such pollutants from your hair.

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    There are many brands of shampoos available in the market which subtly neutralise the off tones of your hair and restore their elegant silver, grey or white colour. Rinsing your hair with such shampoos can effectively avoid the discolouration process of white hair.

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    Search out for a gentle blue or violet rinse for your white hair. It will brighten up the silver hair and at the same time, take out the brassiness out of coloured hair effectively.

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    Hair dyes and perming can cause significant damage to your hair. All sorts of chemical products are not suitable for your hair and they can seriously damage to the cuticle of your hair. Moreover, then these chemicals interact with mineral deposits within your hair, they can cause redness and rusty look. Avoid using such chemical-filled products frequently.

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    Water from well, rusty pipes or even hard water can cause mineral deposition within your hair, with iron and rust deposits being the most common one. There are many remedies for removing such deposition from your hair. The most common home remedy is using a mixture of vinegar and cream of tartar. Apply the mixture to your hair for 10 minutes before rinsing it with cool water.

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    Lemon juice is also very effective to properly remove most of the mineral deposits in your hair. Apply lemon juice for 10 to 15 minute on your head scalp and then rinse.

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    Make a mixture of baking soda and your regular shampoo. Wash your hair with the mixture thoroughly and rinse with cold water.

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