How to Make an Herbal Hair Tonic to Reduce Hair Loss

Having a hair loss? Want to get rid of it and want to see your scalp grow hair all over again? Well, you will have to be patient and drink lots of water for starters. However, an herbal shampoo, or an herbal tonic will help you get back all the hair that you have lost recently. You will require a lot of herbs which you will have to mix in order to get the result that you are aiming for. Moreover, you will have to mix them and find the correct way to create a solution that will fully satisfy you.


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    For starters, you will require a lot of different herbs which you will have to mix together in order to make the perfect solution for your hair. You will need: nettle leaf, chamomile, aloe powder, burdock root, saw palmetto berry, flax seed, and lavender flower or peppermint leaf.

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    Once you have all the herbs with you, take them in dried form and place them in between cheesecloth. You should make sure that the cloth is big enough so that all the herbs have enough room. Now, tie the top of the cloth with a string; or you can even twist the cloth so that it closes tightly enough.

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    Once you are done with closing the cloth down, put it inside a mason jar and fill it with boiling water. Try not to fully fill the jar with the water, and leave at least 1/3rd empty. Now wait for at least thirty minutes so that the herbs can release themselves and try to squeeze the pouch time and time again so that the herbal oils are released.

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    Now you need a second jar and you have to do the exact same thing in it as well. Now, the water is full of herbal oils in both the jars. Mix the two jars together by pouring water from one to another, and vice versa. Now once you are done with mixing the liquids, fill the jar with water and tightly put a cap on top of it and put it in a refrigerator.

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    Whenever you need the tonic, take 1 cup of tonic and squeeze it inside a bottle. Mustard bottle is ideal for this solution, but make sure it is clean and you allow the liquid to come down to room temperature.

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    Do not wet your hair while you are applying the tonic and make sure that you use it on your scalp as well. Add shampoo and warm water and in case you are using a conditioner, do not condition the roots.

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