Ponytail Hairstyles for Little Black Girls

Little girls can look all neat and clean if they are dressed up nicely and have their hair tied up properly. Using ponytails to keep their hair in one place and organised is one of the most commonly used methods by moms all around the world. Ponytails can be of various shapes and sizes depending upon the hair length and type. They can range from single ponytails, double ponytails and triple ponytails. Mothers can also create ponytails over the head of their girls which also makes for a very versatile and chic look. In this article, we will discuss a few ponytail hairstyles for little black girls.


  • 1

    Front ponytail

    In this ponytail style, you can easily arrange your child’s hair on the top of her head. This style is ideal for children who have small hair. This will look chic and will give your child a very cute look.

  • 2

    Curly ponytail

    This type of style is ideal for girls who have medium to long hair. You can split the hair in two halves and then make two ponies on each side. It is one of the most commonly used ponytail hairstyles and will surely make your child look great.

  • 3

    Beads and braids

    Black girls have naturally curled hair and making braids can be a really easy task. Their hair are easy to hold and braids suit them a lot. In order to stylise more, you can add beads and other jewellery items to make them look great. This will ensure that you girl’s hair stay in one place and organised.

  • 4

    Braided ponytail

    Ponytails are a great way of organising hair for little girls. Braids look even better on them. However, if you can combine both of these things together, and make their braids into a ponytail, your child is sure to look good.

  • 5

    Microbraid ponytail

    In addition to just braiding your child’s hair in a traditional way, you can microbraid them and then make a ponytail which will certainly make your child look unique in the lot. This hairstyle can reach up to the ear lobes and can also be split from the centre to make it look even better.

  • 6


    Cornrows is another type of ponytail hairstyle which suits the black girls a lot. In this, you organise your child’s hair in braids and then arrange all of the hair in one place just on the back of the head, much like a classic bun. You can also arrange the braids in various shapes and sizes, as shown in the picture.

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