How to Have Fabulous Hair

To have fabulous hair is a dream for many people across the world, irrespective of gender. There is little arguing to the statement that long, beautiful, strong and shiny hair attracts others.

People tend to pay special attention to the condition of the hair and facial attractiveness at first glance neglecting the inner beauty of a person.

Beautiful, shiny and healthy hair will never go out of fashion and will always grab people’s attention. For this purpose, you need to take proper care of your hair.

Not everyone possess beautiful and healthy hair by nature but if you follow some simple methods then you can have fabulous hair.


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    If you want to have fabulous hair, you should avoid applying too many chemicals for example shampoo, conditioners and other hair products. It is highly recommended to wash you hair once or twice a week. Before washing your hair, it is useful to massage the scalp as it stimulates the hair follicles and accelerates growth.

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    Keep in mind that a hairstyle must suit your personality. Consult with your hairdresser and ask which hairstyle suits you.

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    If you have an oily scalp, rinse you hair after each wash in acidified water. You can use a little vinegar for this purpose.

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    Nourish your hair and make them smooth after using egg yolk, yoghurt, herbal products, olive oil and bran. You can also use natural oils, masks, honey and chamomile for all hair types.

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    To give your hair a beautiful colour, you can use natural dyes. Natural henna dye can be used for this purpose as it can give a revitalizing effect.

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    Hair must be nourished from the inside. A balanced diet can significantly help them grow and improve. Try to include seafood, fish, liver, dairy products, grains and legumes and fruits in your meal. Vegetables and fruits should be used in raw form, as they carry a greater percentage of vitamins and nutrients. Do not forget that the adequate intake of fluids in the body ensures hair growth.

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    Properly wash and comb your hair. Acquire the necessary set of combs and brushes, keep them clean and change them periodically. Make gentle movements in different directions while combing or brushing your hair.

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