How to Layer Bangs and Face Frame

Many of us do not exactly know that the straight line cut across the forehead is not only called bangs. There are other styles that also fall under the category of bangs but they are mostly similar looking to the straight cut across the forehead. The cut gives an option to a girl to have several fashion statements to make without investing more in the hair cut. She can tilt the hair at one side to give a different look, bring all of the bangs in front plus pin up the half of them whilst keep the rest up front. Moreover, bangs are not supposed to be short only. They can also be layered with a ‘grown out bangs’. They can also be given a different sort of layer which will help to give ‘new look’ every time to a particular face frame.


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    Determine the shape of your face to understand what kind of look will suit you. You can have a heart shaped face, round face, oval face, full squared shape face or a rectangular shape face. Once you have finalised the look of your face, you can move on to decide what kind of bangs will suit you on that particular face frame.

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    Frame the face with bangs. However, you will have to invest time because you will have to make different style of bangs and then determine which one suits the best.

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    First thing in determining the style of bangs is to know where the first cut of bangs will feature in the hairstyle.

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    Then you will have to know what kind of bangs will a person have? Whether they will have a straight cut across the forehead or angle them across a little to have a better look. Moreover, the fullness and thinness of hair is also important in determining the type of bangs. Bangs should be layered for thick hair people.

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    Decide on whether you want to have long layers or short layers. Test both of them and then conclude which one looks the best.

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    The cut can follow from the chin to down but can also commence from the eye level to the chin. It all depends on the length of the hair.

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