How to Transplant Hair at Home

Baldness is an issue most men have to deal with at some point in their lives. Some are fortunate that they lose little or no hair where as some have to deal with shortened hair lines much earlier. There are transplants available but they can be painful and expensive along with taking a long time.

You can do a hair transplant at home, albeit a temporary one. It is not difficult what so ever and can be done in a few minutes time. Here is what you need to do.


  • 1

    Grow a Brush

    These are some of the toughest hair that you will find. It will take you sometime to grow one to a decent length, probably a couple of months. Once that is done, you have a thick coating of hair available for transplanting.

  • 2

    Clip the Brush

    The next thing to do is to clip the brush. Make sure that you do not clip them little by little as you need the full length strands. Remove the hair and place them in a secure place where they do not get any moisture on them. Also make sure that they do not get dirty.

  • 3

    Apply Glue to Bald Areas

    Apply glue to areas that are bald and you want to cover. This glue will help you in placing the hair on your head for transplantation. Slowly add the hair to the head once the glue is evenly in place. Make sure that they blend into the existing hair and do not rush things. Cover all areas slowly. If there is any area left uncovered, you can probably trim your side burns a little to accommodate that.

  • 4

    Let it Dry

    Do not go outside without the hair and the glue fixed in place. You will need them to dry as going into the sun early can ruin the whole thing. Once everything is settled, you will be getting the same youthful look back.

  • 5

    Clear the Brush

    Whatever brush has been left over, clip it away and shave. You will look great until you take your next shower when the glue will eventually come off and with it, the hair as well. It is a temporary solution which is ideal for some function that will last only a few hours and not a permanent solution.

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