How To Choose the Perfect Red Hair Color

Red hair colour is something that adds dramatic look to your face when applied. That is the reason why many women choose this colour over the others. Yet, choosing the right red colour varies from person to person because of their difference in skin tones.

One should first analyse the tone of the face and hands. Women with cool skin tones tend to have undertones, such as pink, olive, dark brown, or bluish. In contrast, women with warm skin tones usually have undertones of peach, gold, yellow, or brown and gold. It may become difficult for you to judge your skin tone. In such case, you can ask any of your family members or friends to tell you about it.

Now you should check the colour of your eyes. Usually, women with warm skin tones tend to have green, hazel, or gold-brown eyes. On the other hand, women with cool skin complexions mostly have gray, blue, black, or dark brown eyes. When you are done with confirming the colour tone of your skin and eyes, you can choose the right colour for your hair.


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    Choosing the Right Red Hair Colour for Women with Warm Skin Tones:

    Women with warm skin tones should go for warm red colours, as they will look best on them. Colours like rich auburn, red and mahogany with golden base can be good options to be complemented with warmer skin tones.

    Women with warm skin tones should always avoid choosing the bright red colours, as they may overshadow your overall skin tone. Therefore, always go for rich red colours, which will add beauty to your face.

    In case you want to apply red colour just for fun and some change, you can then choose different base options for your colour. On the other hand, if you want to give your hair natural look, then you should go for the orange base.

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    Choosing the Right Red Hair Colour for Women with Cool Skin Tones:

    You should go for intense shades of the red colours, if you have cool skin complexion. Bright red and burgundy can also be chosen, if you want to give your hair a wilder look.

    Red Colours with yellow or golden bases are said to be warm. Women with cool skin tones should avoid such type of colours.

    Burgundy may not look natural on you. Yet, it will look great on you and you will definitely want to have it for longer period of time.

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