How to Survive a Bad Hair Day

There are days when we wake up to find messy, rebellious hair, which refuse to obey commands. If there is time, you can always shampoo them into submission, but if you are already running late, you have a problem on your hands. Not only can bad hair refuse styling, they can also stand up in random directions, completing your bad hair day. Fortunately, you are not completely helpless, and can adopt certain measures to get through the day.


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    If you are a woman or a man with long hair then you can fix your bad hair day by wearing your hair in a pony tail. This style will put the spotlight on your face instead of people noticing your bad hair. This is the best and the quickest way to straighten your stubborn hair.

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    If you have the time, jump in the shower and shampoo your hair, which usually fixes them; however, this isn’t always the case as you might face the same issue even after shampooing. After removing the residue on your scalp, the shampoo will however bring some life in your hair.

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    Once you have shampooed, let the hair dry before styling. Do not comb when the hair are wet as they will stick to your scalp leaving you with another bad hairdo. Ditch blow drying and let your locks air dry, which will give you a great look that you can carry throughout the day without having to worry about your hairstyle.

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    On those days when you are getting late for work and have overslept, leaving you with no time to shower, you can use dry shampoo on your hair to remove the excess oil which will give your hair a fresh look and no one will have to know that you skipped your morning shower.

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    Hair accessories such as headbands can be used to hide your bad hairdo. With you wearing a headband, people will be thinking more about it than your hair under the band.

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    If you can’t get your hair to turn the way you would want them, then use a hair gel as this hair product is excellent when it comes to styling hair the way you want. Gels work miraculously well on short hair but longer hair a tad more difficult to style.

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