How to Keep Hair Color from Fading

Taking good care of your hair is not an easy task especially if you belong to the fair sex. And it is more difficult if you use some kind of hair color. A lot of girls use hair color to give their hair a new dimension or to hide the traces of white hair if any. In any case, taking care of hair having any kind of color, is a hard thing to do.

The most common problem faced by the majority of girls is the fading of hair color. Hair is more prone to the deadly nature of the environment as compared to other parts of a human body. Windy atmosphere can make your hair dull and dry and one has to take really good care of her hair to make them last long.

When we talk about hair color, it every girl’s dream to keep the hair color from fading but it is not easy. Few people spend a lot of money just to keep their hair from fading but even those cosmetic procedures do not last long. In addition to that, not everyone has capacity to spend big on her hair and they prefer home-made methods to take care of their hair. Following some basic procedure and suggestions, you can keep your hair color from fading without much toil.


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    You can find a wide range of hair products out in the market that are made especially for color-treated hair. The most important ingredient of those products is silicones, which is used to preserve the color for a long time. In addition to that, before purchasing hair products make sure that your selected items are free of sulfates. Sulfates are very powerful chemical and can remove hair dye. And if your hair color is already in a stage where they are fading, try using a color-deposing shampoo.

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    Do not heat your Hair

    Colored hair should be kept away from heat. Girls usually use blow dryer to make different hairstyle and they also iron their hair. However, in case of colored hair, you cannot afford to do that. Heat can fade your hair color and you cannot heat your hair.

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    Save your hair from direct sunlight

    UV light can damage your hair to great extent. So you need to use such hair products that have UV filters if you want to preserve your hair color.

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