How to Use a Facial Paper Mask

Looking for a home treatment for your face? You can always choose to go for a facial mask or to be more precise, facial paper masks. Facial paper masks are nothing more than soft paper-like material masks, cut in the shape of face. Soaked in different nutrients, papers masks can provide immediate relief and hydration and it can keep your face moist for a longer period of time.

Things Required:

– Facial cleanser
– Clean towel
– Ponytail holder or headband
– Facial mask
– Timer or clock
– Damp sponge or washcloth
– Facial moisturizer


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    Facial masks are one of the kind and they are different than the other kinds of facial masks. In addition to that, there are different kinds of facial paper masks as well. Some are for deep cleansing while others are for hydration. They are highly effective and are not very expensive either. Such masks are easy to carry and they can also be used for special occasions.

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    Using a paper mask is not easy as it appears. You need to keep certain things in mind before proceeding. The first thing you need to do is to soak the paper mask in a liquid. You can use milk, egg, syrup or any other famous facial product for this. Leave the paper there and wait until the paper gets swollen. You can also use toner or floral water as an alternative to above mentioned products.

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    Now carefully take out the soaked paper and unfold it. Make sure that you do not break the paper and it is advised that your hands should be properly cleaned before handling this paper mask.

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    Take the soaked paper mask and apply it to your face. After you have applied it your face, leave it there for about 10 to 15 minutes so that the facial products is completely absorbed. You can even choose to out clay on top of the paper mask. This will speed up the process and will give you better results.

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    Now wait for the product to absorb well and try not to move your face as much. After you feel that now there is nothing left in the paper mask, carefully remove it if possible. If the mask is all absorbed up, you need to wash your face. Use clean water to wash your face and you can also use cleaning products to wash your face.

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