How to Heal Dry Cracked Hands

Any area of the skin can hurt like anything if it is cracked. And the pain is worse if you have dry cracked hands. Other parts of the body are not used as much as hands, hence cracked skin anywhere else might not hurt as much as cracked hands’ skin.

Dry and cracked hands can make your life a misery so the best thing is to take care of it before it gets real worse. It is better to do precautionary measurements and avoid having cracked hands all together but even if you have such kind of skin, there are ways that can heal dry cracked hands without much effort..


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    Contact your doctor or dermatologist

    If you have a medical condition or some kind of skin disease, it would be better to contact your doctor or dermatologist before using any ointment or medicine for the dry skin of your hands. Your doctor can give you the required ointment or lotion depending on your condition.

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    Use hydrocortisone or an antibiotic topical cream

    Use only the prescribed creams and avoid using stuff that has not been prescribed by the doctors. There are several lotions and creams available in the market claiming to be the perfect remedy for dry skins but do not get fooled by that and go for the best in the business. You can also use band-aids, if required.

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    Wear protective cotton gloves

    If the condition is really worse and you cannot bear anything touching your hands, try wearing protective cotton gloves. Such types of gloves are easily available at your nearest medical store and they aren’t even expensive. This will protect your hands from drying up further and will fasten up the process of healing.

  • 4

    Wash your hands with mild soaps or those that contain lotion

    Avoid using local soaps and stuff and go for mild soaps or soaps that have lotion in them. The main reason for your cracked hands is that they are dried up and you  need to keep them  moist. So the best way is to use right kind of products.

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    Apply lotion or cream immediately after washing your hands

    Whenever you wash your hands, apply lotion or some cream immediately after it. This will aid the procedure of healing.

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    Avoid excessive washing of your hands

    If you have dry and cracked hands, it would be a nice idea to avoid washing your hands excessively.

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    Use sunscreens

    Sunlight can damage your cracked skin so use sunscreens to avoid direct contact with the UV rays.

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