Guide to Cutting Your Own Hair for Men & Women

If you searched for this and landed here, chances are you haven’t cut your hair yourself. Since this might be your first time, you need to be aware of a few things before we begin.

-When cutting your own hair, your choices are very limited.
-A safe choice would be to stick to trimming your hair.
-Practice a little on the tips of your hair before you go for a full cut.

Once you get the hang of it, you will actually start saving money, and won’t need to go to the parlor as much, especially when all you need is a trim.

However, if you are serious about it, you should invest in a complete kit, since you’ll need the following:

Things Required:

-Hair cutting scissors
-Hair trimmer
-Water sprayer
-Hair cutting gown
-Two mirrors


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    Wash your hair first

    Before you start you should properly wash your hair and untangle them. You can use shampoo if you want to soften your hair and make them more manageable. However, once you are done washing, don’t dry them.

    Girl Shampooing Hair
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    Set yourself up

    Now you need to set yourself up. Wear the hair cutting gown, organize your scissor and trimmer and set up the two mirrors, one in front and one at the back. The mirrors will allow you to look at the back of your head for cutting hair.

    Since this is your first time, you should get some help if possible. Ask a friend or a family member to be there with you and oversee the cutting. This way you can get feedback and guidance while you cut your hair.

    Barber's kit
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    For men

    You should start cutting hair from the top of your head. If your hair dried up a little since your wash, use the water spray bottle to wet them again. You need to keep doing this throughout the cutting to ensure an even level.

    -Use the comb to straighten your hair completely before you begin.

    -Now take a small section of your hair using the middle and index finger (of your left hand if you are right-handed) and hold it up straight. You should now see uneven edges at the tip, and will need to snip them out with the scissors.

    -Pick up the scissors with your right hand (if you are right-handed) and carefully cut just under the uneven edges to create a straight level line. Be sure to hold the scissor completely straight to get an even cut.

    -Once a section is done, pick up an adjacent section and repeat the same. Picking an adjacent section ensures that you move sequentially and follow an even level line.

    -After doing the top, you can come down to the sides and finally go to the back. Doing the back of your head can be tricky, so don’t hesitate asking a friend or family member to assist you.

    -Now you can use the hair trimmer if you want to get a closer cut on your side burns and on the hair above your nape.

    Cutting for men
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    For Women

    Women typically have longer hair compared to men, and should be more careful when cutting their own hair. Ideally, you should only trim your hair at the ends, and can follow a technique similar to the one given above.

    -Straighten your hair with a comb and start with sections, but go down to the very end of your hair. Hold the ends straight and snip off the uneven edges. Then move along to the adjacent sections and repeat the same procedure until you have covered the whole circumference around your head.

    -Trimming your hair this way will get rid of split ends and gives your hair a cleaner and livelier look.

    However, if you want to get a proper hair style done, you will need to visit a professional hair styling salon.

    Cutting for women
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    General Tips for cutting your own hair

    -Don’t let your hair dry up during the cut.
    -Wet hair appear longer in general, so don’t cut them too short.
    -It is safe to stick to the ends of your hair instead of cutting in too close. This way even if you make a mistake, it’s not beyond repair.

    Cutting own hair

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