How to Make a Simple Zigzag Snake Braid

Braids are complex structures that are made by carefully intertwining more than two strands of a loose material; the best example could be of human hair. Snake are complex version of braids but if you know how to make them, it can be an easy stepwise process. Braids keep the hair compact and are the best option for somebody having a bad hair day.

There are things you need to keep in mind before you start making the snake braids, if you do not,  you will not only mess up your hair but will consume a lot of time as well.


  • 1

    Take small strands of hair

    Take small strands of hair about the size of two to three inches. You can take big strands of hair if you like - totally up to your own liking - but you need to understand that the smaller strands you take the better snake braids you will get.

  • 2

    Separate the strand

    Once you have made a strand of a fairly small size, separate them into three equal sections. Be sure to keep the sections as equal as possible.

  • 3

    Not too loose, not too tight

    Once you start making braids, make sure that you keep with the same flow throughout the whole strand of the hair, otherwise some areas will look distorted and out of shape. Do not keep the braid too tight or too loose otherwise you will have to unwind and start all over again. To keep your snake braids flexible and good looking, you will have to keep them just perfect so that they do not lose shape.

  • 4

    Grab the inside strand

    Take the simple braid that you have just made and straighten it out in front of you. Once you have done that, take the inside stand and place it as such on the braid that it is horizontal to it.

  • 5

    Push the strands on the braid

    Push the strands up on the braid so that they adjust themselves and fix with the main strand. Place your thumb and index finger on the braid, so that you have command on what you are doing, otherwise the braid will keep on moving in a haphazard manner and you will not be able to fix the strand of hair on the back of your braid.

  • 6

    Slowly inch down

    Inch down on the braid to give it a haphazard snake like look. The strand of hair you use is definitely going to fall short of what you originally estimated.

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