How To Make Hair Stay in Place without Hairspray

All of us must have tried some hairsprays and hair gels during our teen years to hold that perfect look. However, these hair accessories are a burden on our pockets and need constant investment. Still, these products are being used by everyone all over the world.

While there is some evidence which proves that these products play a role in hair loss, yet when you are young, you really do not care how you will look in your later years.

However, you can survive even without these products by learning to style your hair to make them hold for a considerable period of time.


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    Instead of using a hairspray, use hair mousse which adds volume to the hair and provides conditioning and hold. It can be referred to as styling foam.

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    If you are not looking to use any foam then try a simple ponytail for a neat and clean look without any hassle. You can always use hair pins for a neat and lasting hold. If you have long hair then you need to use a fine comb for your hair. Then you need to divide your hair in two, this isn’t over yet as you now need to twist both sides of your hair and then use bobby pins to secure the hold. The colour of the pins should blend with the colour of your hair. Finally, pull up your hair from the back and wrap the scrunchies several times to tighten the grip.

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    If you are short on time then you can use a headband for a trendy look.

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    Using a bandanna is another great idea to hold your hair, and support a fashionable look. Just place the bandanna on your head and tie it at the back of your neck. This should be your choice while driving an open vehicle (a top-down car).

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    After a shower, use a blower to dry, this will help in keeping your hair in place. This is the oldest trick in the book when looking to hold your hair without using a hairspray.

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    Keeping your hair wet with water is another way to hold your hair.

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    If you want your hair to hold, it is recommended that you do not dry completely while using a towel. Leave a little wetness as you comb.

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