How to Have Long Silky Hair

Hair is the most important part of human body especially if you are a woman. They say that a girl’s beauty is judged by her hair and it’s every girl’s dream to have long and silky hair. The problem is that having such hair is not easy and one has to do a lot of struggles to achieve that feat.

People invest a huge amount of money in order to get long silky hair but most of those methods do not long last. In addition to that, cosmetic procedures such as rebounding can cause a lot of damage to your hair leaving it dry and short.

So the best way to have long silky hair is to achieve that feat at home by the idea of balancing your diet and using home-made tonics. It would be a nice idea not to waste your money on cosmetic procedures and spending a lot of time at beauty salons. Instead, try to find ways by which you can make your hair silky smooth at home. Following some basic rules, you can make your hair long and silky without spending much.


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    Stay Stress Free

    One of the main reasons of hair fall and hair loss is the stress on one’s mind. You need to stay as much stress free as possible not just for your hair but for your health over all. Stress can cause a huge amount of damage to your hair and in order to have healthy hair, try to stay stress free. But stress is a part of our daily life these days and avoiding it altogether is not easy. So instead of running away from it, try to find some methods in which you can nullify the stress on your mind.

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    Coconut Oil

    Among all the oils available out there, coconut oil is arguably the cheapest and most available oil when it comes to hair products. Windy environment can make your hair really dull and dry so in order to keep them alive, you need to oil them on a regular basis. Simple take some coconut oil on your scalp and gently massage it to your head for about 15 minutes twice a week.

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    If you are looking for another cheap way to make your hair long and silky, try using vinegar on your hair. It is the best tonic to make dull hair healthy again. Just add some drops of vinegar to hot water and massage it to your head and let it dry. Then rinse thoroughly.

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