How to Massage the Scalp for Hair Growth

Hair loss is becoming increasingly common these days because of our hectic routines and unhealthy eating habits. In the previous decades, hair loss was mostly observed in older people; however, now we see even youngsters struggling to retain hair on their scalp.

According to most experts, lack of blood flow is one of the major factors behind hair loss. Luckily, you can avoid losing natural hair by massaging the scalp, which can stimulate the blood flow and ensure stronger hair. If done properly, a massage can even promote hair growth, apart from preventing further loss.


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    Enhance blood flow towards the head

    As mentioned above, the flow of blood in your scalp plays an important role in keeping hair healthy. You can encourage blood flow towards your scalp by placing your head on a clean floor with the help of your arms and resting your legs at a higher place like a sofa or a bed.

    If you do this for 3 to 5 minutes every day before a scalp massage, you will increase your chances of avoiding hair loss.

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    Make circles while pressing the scalp

    Using your fingertips, make small circles beginning from the hairline on your forehead. Move your fingers slowly and gently to the sides of your scalp and then towards the back. In order to continue smoothly, it is imperative that you do not make large circles.

    Once you reach the back of the scalp, you need to move softly to the front once again, continuing with the circular motions. This process should be repeated every single day after you wake up and before you go to sleep.

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    Apply oil

    In order to make the scalp massage more effective, you can use a potent hair oil. In some areas of the world, olive oil is preferred; whereas, most people in Asian countries use mustard oil, which is extremely useful for strengthening your hair. There are some other types of oils available in the market and you should not hesitate in experimenting to see which one suits you the most.

    Having oiled your hair during the scalp massage, you can relax or follow your daily routine for a couple of hours before taking a bath.

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