How to Make a Hair Flower Corsage

While clean and properly groomed hair look superb and add to your beauty, you can further enhance the appearance of your scalp by adding a flower corsage. Instead of going out and buying it, you can easily make one in the comfort of your home without much hassle, all you need is a tulle, a fine thread and a needle for making a stylish flower corsage.


  • 1

    You will first need very fine netting called tulle and cut it until it is roughly around 20 inches in length and around 14 inches in width.

  • 2

    Now you need to take a needle and thread so you can use it.

  • 3

    Now hold your tulle in one hand and insert the needle with the other, it is advised that you use an embroidery chain stitch for the purpose of securing the thread.

  • 4

    Keep using basting stitches till the time you are two inches away from the point where you started from. The basting stitch is preferred because it is long and holds two pieces together.

  • 5

    Now pull the thread tightly, which will help you bunch the tulle, and create a centre. You will then use this centre for wrapping the tulle.

  • 6

    You now need to twist the tulle on a hard and flat surface, making a spiral.

  • 7

    You now need to connect the base layer and the twisted layer with a chain stitch while you add rows. It is suggested that you continue to do this until you get the size of the flower that you want.

  • 8

    Once you have the desired size, you need to tie it with a chain stitch by inserting the needle from the back of the flower and then moving to the front. Make sure that the needle comes out from the centre of the flower. You can now finish off by attaching an artificial pearl in the centre of the flower and then knotting the stitch.

  • 9

    Right now the flower cannot be attached to your hair - for that you need to fix a hair clip or a bobby pin with to the flower with the help of glue or a stitch. It is recommended that you stitch the clip as this will last longer and if the stitch breaks you can always put it back in place by stitching it again.

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