How to Give a Buzz Cut With Clippers

Buzz cut is a hit among youngsters. Giving yourself a buzz cut is also not a difficult process, it requires clippers, a mirror and then good judgement of the person who is giving a Buzz cut. If you are not confident to give yourself a Buzz cut, take help of someone who can. For this, you can seek help of someone in your family or get the cut at the hair salon professionally, although the latter is a costly option. You can get the cut at home for free, just make sure you follow all steps carefully. Also, have sufficient light at the place where you will get the cut.


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    Place and Light

    First of all choose a proper space where you want to have the Buzz cut. Make sure you have sufficient light at the place. Without sufficient light, you will find it difficult to see the hair for yourself. Also make sure the place you choose is at distance from your home stuff, as it can spread your hair across it and spoil everything. It is better to use a piece of cloth to so that it is easier to collect the hair after you are done with the cut.

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    Shorten Your Hair

    If your hair is longer than a finger's length, cut it with scissors to finger's length. It is difficult to use clippers on long hair. It can stick through the hair and may heat up quickly. Longer hair can also affect your eyesight and level of judgement.

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    Use of Clippers

    After you have shortened the hair to finger's length, use clippers to give yourself Buzz cut. Start from the front of the head scalp and then run the clippers through towards the back. Use a proper size blade guard, so that your hair is long to the level you want. Generally, the lowest length blade guard is used for the Buzz cut. You may start with the second shortest or lowest and then go the last one.

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    Cutting Edges

    After giving your hair a buzz cut, remove the blade guard and cut your edges with the clippers. Make sure you consider your safety factor, especially while removing edges near the ears, do not cut your ears in the process. Also, if you cannot see yourself, ask someone to help you in finishing of edges, especially at the back of your neck. They can also help you to locate any longer hair on your head that is left uncut by the clippers somehow.

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