How to Remove Hair Extension Glue from Hair

Removing hair extension glue from hair is a difficult task but can be achieved through use of some home remedies. There might be a misconception that use of chemical based products are solutions to removal of hair extension glue, but it can be detrimental to your natural hair as well your extensions. So, leave the task to some effective home remedies. Make sure you use them in a systematic way, and avoid use of excessive ingredients.


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    Olive Oil

    Use of olive oil is one of the most effective solutions for removal of hair extension glue from the air. Take two parts of olive oil and one part of warm water. Mix them in a squirt bottle and apply on the extension glue. Leave the fluid for about 20 minutes before starting removing the glue with your fingers.

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    Let Extension Softened

    If you are unable to remove hair extension after leaving the olive oil with warm water in first attempt, do not push harder with a brush or fingers to remove the extensions. It is better to leave the olive oil on the hair for another 10 or 15 minutes. When you see the hair extension is softened, you can easily remove them with your fingers. In case you use force to separate the extensions there is a possibility of damaging your hair.

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    Clear Hair Extensions Tracks

    After you remove the hair extensions, you will find some of glue left to the extension tracks. Use your fingers to gently clear tracks of the remaining glue. This is not the difficult part of the job and does not require any forced removal of the glue. Just be assured you give priority to safety of your natural hair and the extensions, as both are exposed to damage by brushing hard or removing glue with any other tool.

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    Shampoo and Conditioning

    After you are done with the glue removal from your hair, you can shampoo it as per routine and apply conditioner after that. The use of shampoo can remove the remaining particles of the glue or oil from the hair and it will be restored to natural colour and shine. Take care while using shampoo, as if you pour it on one place or scalp of your hair, there is a risk of damaging your hair.

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    Avoid Use of Chemical Products

    Under no circumstances use products from the market to remove the hair extension glue. It is most likely they are prepared with use of chemicals and it can damage your natural hair and also extension.

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