Blonde Braided Hairstyles

Braid is a way of making patterns of hair, which makes your hair look stylish and neat. You make three sections of hair and twist or overlap them until the end and get your braid ready. There are various types of braids that can go with your face, dress or appropriate for any event and make you look gorgeous. All girls should check out them and enjoy their experiences. Rather than sticking on with the basic three strand braid, in this tutorial we are going to tell you about French braid, lace braid and classic braid. Check them out and let us know about your experiences of different braids.


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    French Braid:

    Start it like a basic braid by making three sections of hair and keep each strand apart from another. Now starting from right side add a little more hair to the right strand. In third step bring right strand to middle and vice versa. Now repeat the previous steps with left strand and continue it until the end and tie elastic on it when you stop.

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    Lace Braid:

    Separate your hair from front and back by clipping them. First take single strand near the edge from where you have separated back and front sides. Then make three sections of that single strand, and keep them separate in between your fingers. Take right strand and add some part of hair from front in that, and shift the right strand in the middle and middle one on the right side. Now took another part of hair from front and add it into that strand. Continue this until your front half ends. Then start tying the braid like the basic braid till the end. Let the back part of hair remain untie and comb it gently. It looks really elegant.

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    Classic braid:

    It looks tough to make, but it is really easy, easier than other two we have explained earlier. Just part your hair straight down until the end and make two braids. Separate three strands from the front and gather them in the middle of that half. Take left one add some part of hair from the left nearest side then shift the strand in the middle and place middle one at right. Take right strand and add some part of hair from right side nearest to it. Shift right strand to the middle and again place the middle at the right side. Continue it till the end. When you complete both braids, make a round ball of one and pin it up at the back of head. Take second braid and overlap on the braid you already have pinned on head. Pin it up from all sides, so that it looks neat and clean from all sides.

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