How to Make High Pony Hairstyle

A High Pony Hairstyle is simple and easy to make, and can be worn by both young and old women. This elegant hairstyle works best when you are in a rush and are having a bad hair day. In addition to that, this simple hairstyle is perfect for hot days of summer when your hair get wet due to excessive sweating, resultantly, irritating you. High Pony Hairstyle does not require any expensive accessories and are very easy to carry in both formal and casual gatherings.

Things Required:

Bobby pins
Hair brush
Hair comb
Hair spray
Shine serum
Elastic hair band


  • 1

    Apply shine serum

    Place a small amount of good quality shine serum on your hand. Spread it all over your hands and gently apply in the hair in order to give them a glossy touch.

  • 2

    Brush your hair

    Brush your hair to remove all the tangles and give them a smooth look.

  • 3

    Bring your hair to the top

    Now grab all your hair from the back and bring them to the top of your head. Now it depends on how high you want the ponytail to be.

  • 4

    Smooth your hair from top

    Smooth your hair from the top of your head with a hairbrush or comb. However, you can also smooth them with your fingers to give a natural look to your hairstyle.

  • 5

    Secure with elastic hair band

    Hold your hair tight on the top of your head and secure them with an elastic hair band.

  • 6

    Apply hair spray

    Once your pony is up, apply some hair spray or water to smoothen it.

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